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Tuna For Life
Thursday, 12 August 2004

Last night the tuna team decided to dine together. We have all been busy doing different things... I have been so occupied with getting the site up and running again. So we went out for a good time.

We decided to splurge, so we went for tuna sushi. Japanese style. The food was delightful. Even devon enjoyed himself, not being a raw fish fan (loves sea food, but the rawness freakes him out).

The tuna texture was beautiful. Such a melt in your melt feeling. I was glad to see everyone together after so long, enjoying themselves.. not concerened about work or web sites etc.. saying we've been busy is an understatement.... we all deserve this. .

We ate and drank all night. It wasn't until 2 am that I noticed the sliding doors behind us.
Our room was japanese style, sitting on the floor. Eating at small low tables. Excellent!

We even had our own private room. everyone gets a private eating room at this restaurant. To our surprise, at 2 am, when I opened the sliding doors, there was also a bed in the room. Next to the bed a basket of condoms, and something that looked like a tube of toothpaste.

Our waitress.. well .. they were hookers. Earlier I thought their outfits were a bit much.. I just assumed it was some modern Japanes Sushi waitess uniform. How were we to know???
We were at a Hooker Tuna Restaurant.
Wow. Oh my God... have you ever heard of such a thing?

The waitresser were great. I think they knew we wern't there for the "sex" part. But, we did request that they come in to the room with us and sing a whole slew of our favorite tuna songs.
They actually had some of there own songs about tuna fish ( I am not joking they really did). I think something was lost in translation... but their songs were great none the less.

We stayed until 5 am, drinking and eating and singing the wonderful songs of Tuna.

That's what I call a good time!

Posted by tunaforlife at 10:42 AM KDT
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Wednesday, 11 August 2004
Help Us!!
Well... things have been quite interesting around here the past few weeks. My computer is back up and running, and the site is (sort of) back to it's old self again.

In case you are not sure what I am talking about, I will back track...

The Tuna Team went to NYC for a "spread the word of tuna" conference. "STWOT" for short.

The conference was organized to make the public more aware of tuna, and to combat the negative image tuna has been receiving in the media. (On a positive note, the conference went extremely well... I'll write more about that later)

While we were away, my computer and the TFL web site (including this blog) was malaciously hit but some tuna hating hacker.

We lost a lot of information.. all the recipes sent in over the past two months.. gone!, all the tuna pics.. gone!, stories, drawings, etc.. gone! gone gone!!! Even the last months blog enteries have been deleted.

I am not sure why this happened, but I believe the attacker was well aware that we would be away at the STWOT Conference. They saw their opportunity and went for it.

I am asking for all the help we can get. We promise to protect your recipes and stories, as well as any other information you send us. Please send it again. We've set up some major firewalls. and other protection barriers.

I have been in contact with the police as well as other international agencies, so hopefully this will be delt with quickly.

Should you hear anything that could help us in our investigation please e mail us

Posted by tunaforlife at 7:18 PM KDT
Updated: Thursday, 12 August 2004 10:18 AM KDT
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Friday, 2 July 2004
The one, the only... Tuna Melt
I just wanted to dedicate some time to my firend the Tuna Melt. I have forgotten how far we go back. I have been occupied, distracted with more modern reciepes. One must not forget the joys of the old fashion TUNA MELT.

I had two melts today. Simple as can be. Tuna and mayo, bread and a slice of cheese. Put it into the toaster oven.. 3- 5 minutes later... presto.. a slice of pure joy.

My first time eating a Tuna Melt (I think I was 4) I thought I was doing something terrible wrong. I hadn't know such pleasure. I actually felt guilty (an odd feeling for a 4 year old I know, but it's the only explanation I can give).

From that time on I swore we'd be pals. I am so sorry I over looked your loveliness. Like friends usually do; we drifted apart... but I will never forget you. We will be together forever. You are permantly engraved into my brain.

So, I would like to take a moment (you take one too) to remember the simple things in life. Tuna is great in all forms.. simple or complex...

Don't forget!

Posted by tunaforlife at 12:01 AM KDT
Updated: Thursday, 12 August 2004 10:20 AM KDT
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Tuesday, 29 June 2004
My Apologies.. let me explain!
I must apologize to all for my lack of writing. I haven't been documenting our tuna activity in the blog, nor have I been updating the Tuna For Life website. I have received dozens of recipes and I will add them to the site ASAP, but please be patient.

I haven't been writing about tuna because I almost gave up on it. I had, for a moment renounced my love for the fine fish. Why, you ask. Well, let me explain.

It was the first week in June; I made a tuna casserole, for my wife and myself. It was delightful. Penne pasta (mixed with the occasional spiral noodle), Alfredo sauce, red, yellow, and orange peppers. Also, a wonderful crust ( had the perfect consistency, not too tough and not too crumbly... definitely not soggy). To top it all off I used fresh tuna. I minced up a high quality tuna steak.

This was, to be honest, utterly delicious. We had nice red & white wine. One to complement the fish and one to complement the bread (we also had bread).

We were eating, and laughing. The way you are suppose to when you enjoy a fine meal. All of a sudden my wife stopped laughing. All I could hear was my own laughter. I knew something was wrong. I looked up and my wife was on the floor.. she was grabbing at her neck. She was turning very red and possibly blue. Holy shit I thought.. she's choking.. I killed her. My tuna casserole killed my wife. It was like a fight between the two lovers in my life.
Fortunately I am welled trained in CPR and I saved my wife from choking to death. One successful thrust and she was breathing again.

Since then I felt bitter towards tuna. We've eaten plenty of food, but neither of us choked on it before. Why now, why tuna? I thought it was a sign. I have been suffering major emotional turmoil for the past 3 weeks.

A few days ago my wife said we needed to talk. So we did. She told me that chocking could still occur even if we don't eat tuna. That's the risk of eating food. We love Tuna. It's worth the risk isn't it? She said, we were laughing; the wine was dry, the cheese sticky, and the tuna delicious.. all factors which could have played part in her chocking.

We talked about for the past few nights. I also spoke about it to the rest of the TFL crew (they have been very supportive) and the decision is final = I am back on the tuna.

To celebrate my wife and I went out for our favorite Spicy Tuna Stew.

Posted by tunaforlife at 8:48 PM KDT
Updated: Wednesday, 30 June 2004 1:57 AM KDT
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Monday, 17 May 2004
I had the best stew.. ever!
Today I woke up, after having a terrible sleep, a bit cranky. My neighbours were fighting, fighting, and screaming, just plain annoying.

I had breakfast. Went to work. I was just a little off all day. I felt slowed down..sluggish even. You know SLIUGGISH..

I can home for lunch. I was going to make some tuna sandwiches (I was looking forward to this because I have a new recipe I wanted to try). Went to the cupboard.. nightmare! .. no Tuna. My wife ate the last can and she didn't replace it.

My day was doomed. I went back with out eating. I was just in an awful mood.

So after work (knowing I had no tuna) I went out to my favorite tuna restaurant and ordered some Tuna Spicy Stew. Wow.. heaven in a hot pot. My day was salvaged. This stew was something out of this world. The cook was a korean lady.. so I chatted with her for two hours trying to get the reciepe. We figured it out.. and I've added it to my "eat at home menu."

This just makes me conclude that everything happens for a reason. I was meant to have this recipe. This was no coincidence.

Posted by tunaforlife at 3:42 PM KDT
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Sunday, 9 May 2004
Super Savings
Wow.. this is great! Now, I am not one to name drop but... there is a great deal on Clover Leaf Tuna at my local grocery store. It's like two cans for a dollar.

I usually try various brands of Tuna. This spices things up offering some variety. Each brand is unique in it's own way. But when something like this comes along one needs to "put the spice aside" so to speak.
I would be losing money if I don't take advantage of this special sale.

It's probably at your grocery store as well.. So check it out!

Posted by tunaforlife at 2:22 PM KDT
Updated: Sunday, 9 May 2004 2:25 PM KDT
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Saturday, 24 April 2004
The Chase
I had a dream last night. Well it was more like a nightmare. I was being chased by some huge figure. I couldn't tell exactly what it was, but all I knew is that it wanted to eat me. So I ran, and ran, and ran. Then all of a sudden, it felt as if I was being slowed down by some invisible force. Something was slowing me down, and ultimately going to cause my demise.

Next I realized I couldn't feel my feet, it seemed as if I were floating. I looked down and my feet were now a fin. This was truly frightening.. like that horrific scene in Pinocchio when he was smoking the cigars and playing pool ... and BAM!.. he starts turning in to a donkey.

I was turning in to a fish. A tuna fish to be exact. The thing chasing me was a shark. It really wanted to eat me.

So I swam and swam... only to end up swimming into the sharks enormous mouth.. and down his esophagus (if a shark had such a thing).

This caused me to jolt awake. I was so pleased to find my self alive.. back home.. in my fish bowl.

Posted by tunaforlife at 1:44 PM KDT
Updated: Sunday, 9 May 2004 2:26 PM KDT
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Wednesday, 21 April 2004
To the Park...
I took my class of elementary studnets to Young Shin Park to. We had lots of fun. We played the usual park games - london bridge, red light green light, who's afraid of the wolf etc. Although I could not remember as many games as I would have liked. If you know of any children's games.. by all means drop me a line.

The kids had a blast. For lunch we had Tuna salad sandwiches, and tuna Kimbap (sushi). It was great.

To sum it all up, I asked the students to draw a picture of the day and there favorite part of the day. One student drew a picture of himself on a swing, another student drew a picture of herself playing Red Rover. Interestingly enough, most of the students drew pictures of themselves eating the Tuna Sandwiches. Sally (age 8) even drew a heart around her sandwich and included the caption I Love(she used a red heart) tuna.
It was wonderful. If the students will permit it, I will post some of their drawings on the Tuna For Life site.

Check back...

Posted by tunaforlife at 9:47 PM KDT
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Monday, 19 April 2004
What a Day!
The day started out with a good start. I got up early. I managed to do some reading, exercise, and caught up on some paper work. Everything was going quite well.

Around noon I started making lunch for my wife and I. We were having tomato soup and Tuna Salad sandwiches. This seemed to go well. The soup was good; the tuna Salad sandwiches were simply amazing. We used Spanish onions.. What a delicious mixture.

After lunch we did out daily jog. This is when things started to get strange. I noticed the neighbor's cat following us. We were going fairly fast, taking side streets.. But the cat kept following us. I though this was quite funny. Then I noticed two falcons following us as well. They were swooping around in the air. ..landing closer then I thought was the norm for falcons. This was totally bizarre. We were bewildered, and a little scared.

When arrived home I was getting ready to take a shower. I realized there was a stain on my sweat pants. It was Tuna juice. I spilled the stuff all down the side of my pant leg.. and didn't notice.

This is why the cat and falcons were following us. I smelled like a fish. Not sure how my wife and I didn't notice.

So how was your day?

Posted by tunaforlife at 11:58 PM KDT
Updated: Tuesday, 20 April 2004 12:00 AM KDT
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Saturday, 17 April 2004
The Smell of Spring
What a beautiful day. The spring has sprung folks and it's time to celebrate. We were all in such good moods today; we decided to head to the park. We packed some Tuna sandwiches, Tuna & Cheese Crackers and a bottle of bubbly and out we went.

It was great. What a beautiful day indeed. I think we will make similar plans for the weekend. I hear it's supposed to be 25 degrees C, out there.
So if you have some free time and a Frisbee come join us. The more the merrier.

I believe Ethan's cousin is coming in from Jersey, so we are going to show him a good time. I hear he makes a killer Tuna Lasagna (he said he's pass on the Recipe).

Well, I hope to see you out tomorrow.


Posted by tunaforlife at 12:33 AM KDT
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