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Tuna For Life
Tuna Can Turtle


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The Fun Never Ends With Tuna
Tuna Turtle

Tuna Craft Directions

Here is what you do:
This little turtle is a long-time favorite of mine.    
To make him paint the bottom and sides of a tuna can green.
If you are using poster paint add a squirt of liquid soap to help it stick to the metal can.
Draw around the can on green paper.
Add legs on each side and a head and a tail.
Cut the outline out.
Glue the can to the turtle outline. Glue two small buttons to the head for eyes.
Decorate the shell by gluing on lots of different buttons.
You might want to try decorating the shell of your turtle a different way.

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Scene in a Can

Here is what you do:

Tuna fish size cans are just right for putting little scenes in for a table decoration. Paint the can the color or colors of your choice. Acrylic paints will stick better then tempera paint. If you do use tempera paint add a little soap and some white glue to the paint to help it stick. Glue strips of pretty lace and ribbon around the outside of the can. Glue some Easter grass or green yarn bits in the bottom of the can for the grass. Make a bunny by covering a Styrofoam packing worm with a cotton ball. Cut ears and facial features from colored paper and glue on one end of the cotton-covered Styrofoam piece for the head. Glue the bunny in the grass. Glue some tiny flowers in the grass around the bunny.

You might want to design a different scene to put in your can. E-mail me a picture and I'll post it so others can see your good idea.