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March 26th 2004
1000 hits!!!!!
We here at TFL are super excited! Today we reached the 1000 hit mark! We have only been up and running for a few days so this is great. Thank you for visiting and please come again.
As a side note I wrote a little peom to celebrate this event.

Tuna Noodle

Tuna is fish
                           Tuna is town
                           Tuna is dead
                           Tuna is life
                           Tuna is you
                           7 minutes, Tuan Done
                           Looks like Puke
                           So good (2x)
                           Fish Die For Tuna
                           You Eat the Tuna
                           Fork smells like Tuna
                           Breath Smells Like Tuna
                           Fish smells like tuna
                           You smell like tuna
                           7 minutes, Tuan Done
                           Looks like Puke
                           So good (2x)
                           Tuna PLain
                           Tuan dog
                           Tuna sandwhiches
                           Tuna casserole
                           Tuna pie
                           Tuna house
                           7 minutes, Tuan Done
                           Looks like Puke
                           So good (2x)

March 24th 2004

The site has received a lot of attention. I am very thankful for the comments and photo's.  Please come by again.

We do need some advice. We cannot decide on which forum to choose. Please take a look "click here".  There are two to choose from.
We will make a final decision by friday.
Also, The Blog is updated often.  If you are an online journal fan check it out.
 March 23rd 2004
Our site is finally finished! We hope you like it. Please take some time to look around. We guarantee you will find something that will interest you. We promise to update the site regularly so please check back. Please sign our guestbook (below) or take advantage of our forum to discuss Tuna related issues. Also we are keeping a blog to document our Tuna adventure.
Thanks.....TFL TEAM.
March 19th 2004
Welcome to our site! We  have just launched the page a few days ago. We hope that you have a good time looking around. We also hope that you come back and see us again...soon! We still have a few bugs to work out and keep in  mind that there is a lot more stuff to be added. We hope to have everything polished but late next week. Please let us know what you think by signing our guestbook.
Thanks...The "Tuna For Life" Team.