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This site is run by a group of friends who have realized that Tuna Fish (especially canned tuna) plays an extremly important role their lives.

My friends and I are really like Tuna. It brings us together.

April 17th 2004

We are in the process now of updating the site. We are sorting through the Recipes you sent us and we will post this months selection soon. You will be contacted by e-mail if your Recipe is selected.

Also, we are going to update the Blog more regularly. We would like to have more discussion on the forum. So, if you have any questions lets discuss it as a group.. in the forum.

Did you know:
When hunger strikes, Steve Holy hits the kitchen and whips up a specialty of his own. "I just love tuna fish," he says. "I mix it with Miracle Whip, onions, sweet pickle relish, dill relish, celery, and salt and pepper. I often just eat this mixture right out of the bowl, but sometimes I put it on crackers."

April 1st 2004
The site has almost been up for 2 weeks.  We are very impressed with the attention it has recieved.  The Tuna Team thanks you all for your support.  We are in the prosscess up updating the photo's.  We have more international pics to put up (thanks Sandy -in Mexico). 

We would love some more photos of YOU!  Please send us some pics of you and your friends or families eating tuna in any way shape or form.

In the next week or so we should have a slide show for the Tuna Bagel, so be sure to check back soon.

Tuna Salad - Nov./03


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