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International Can Tuna

Tuna is eaten all around the globe by a variety of different people in a variety of different ways. On this page we hope to show you these ways.

Chamchi KImbop

This Korean dish consists of white rice, tuna and some veggies wrapped up in a roll with seaweed. It's a little starnge at first but quickly becomes addictive.

Chamchi Kimbop
Korean Food

Tuna Japanese Style
This is one of the finest forms of Japanese sushi.  It's an intimatet affair, you get an opportunity to taste the full flavor of the Tuna. At first,  we were all a little worried about eating raw fish, but after trying it once it became an instant hit.

Japanese Food
Tuna Sashimi with Grated Radish

There it goes!

This is usually considered a side or a light snack that you eat when you are on the go. Thanks for Gina for sending this pic in to us. Kasamnida! (that's thank you in Korean).

Hope you know how to use chopsticks!!!!
Koreans belive that kimbop is good for your health.

Asia's finest.....
"Imagine all the Tuna"


The Tuna Team ventured to China last year. This is one of Chef Serrao favorite creations.  It's called Ahi Tuna.  It's a Szechuan flavored cold noodle dish. Great for those hot summer days in down town Beijing.

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