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Here are some pictures of our friends who also share the love for the noble fish. If you have any interesting photos that you wish to add please email us.

At the Factory
Tuna makes everyone have a good time.


Tuna and Cheese

This is Sara.(above pic) She lives in Portland, Oregan. Her favorite sandwich is the tuna sandwich with cheeze. Her heaven is the beach in 30 C and this above mentioned sandwich. I think she may trying to make a "tuna melt". LOL.

Ted Digs In
He needed a boost!

Bill's Burnt Tuna Sandwich

Our friend Bill is very loyal to the  big "T" sandwich. He doesn't seem to mind that his bread has been burnt to a crisp. Howver one can't be picky when it's the last two slices in the loaf. Ohh Bill!

Janis stuffing her face

After a long day of hiking, Janis stuffs her face with a homemade Tuna Sub. Yum. I'm not sure if her bumper sticker would read "I'd rather be hiking" or "I'd rather be eating Tuna subs."


Allision is taking a cue from Janis.hehe. This pic was taken in New York City at the internationally acclaimed "Sub and Bun". Ooohh... they make a mean Tuna sub. The owner, Jerry Bun, gave us our own T-Shirts once that read, "Kiss me! I have Tuna breath." Allision and some of the "Tuna For Life Team" spent a summer in the big apple taking classes at NYU. This was our favorite lunch spot.

Tuna Steak

Sylvan, our photographer, is enjoying a Tuna steak at "Chilli's" in Providence, RI. He swears by this Tuna steak.  He also swears when his photo's don't turn out right.

Bema Loves Tuna Too. Meow!!


If you want to see anymore pictures of our friends and Tuna click here.


Devon's younger brother's TunaTeam

No peanut butter and jam for these boys. They want real protein. Tuna wins in that category everytime. 
When we were younger we all used to make fun of Devon cause he always brought Tuna sandwichs to school. (Please remeber it was a loooongg time ago, I would never make fun of him now.) Now, in the case of Devon's little brother and his friends, who jumped on the Tuna bandwagon, we just that they are in "A League of Their Own" when they show up for baseball practice.